Hmmm retiring to spend time with his family... isn’t that the cliche “ I have to leave and the agreement was that if I resign without a fuss they won’t say why?” Answer? I think you might be right about the scandals piling up, but I am curious as to who is pushing the dominos over.

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Theory from EJMR:

"It depends on his actual reasons for resigning. Some theories:

1. He was pushed by the Board of Overseers. Look at the composition to infer their possible motives and preferences. Here there are two possibilities:

a. He was pushed by those with integrity because they were disgruntled by how he tolerated the miscarriage of justice in the Fryer and Sullivan cases, the cancellation of the FAS dean search which led to the Enos misconduct cover-up by Gay, and other issues.

b. He was pushed by an insidious faction because they have vested interests in w hitewashing Enos (Latino) and G ay, and defending the leftist agenda, including bogus theories like ra cial thr eat theory, and/or Michael Smith's henchmen who are trying to help him avoid accountability for Epstein and Enos/G ay.

2. He is simply exhausted due to the Presidential responsibilities and all these scandals. He is in his 70s and had Covid. He made a cost-benefit calculation and decided that he has enough money, and President salary and benefits are not worth putting up with all that.

If 1.a Enos and G ay are finished. If 1.b it depends on which forces in the Board of Overseers win, and who is appointed President. If 2 it depends on whether he wants to do the right thing before stepping down, or burying his head in the sand and leaving an "after me, the flood" situation, Louis XV-style."

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Aye, that's my pretty much my thought. We might see things get a bit better in a 1a case, or even worse in 1b, all depending on who is pushing what. My hope is that it would be someone from 1a and a harsh house cleaning would ensue.1b might be just as likely, or even a 1b.i where it isn't board of directors but a mini-mutiny where some group has enough dirt to get him into trouble and are trying to seize more power.

If 2, well a "best wishes" and "do the right thing and declassify all the dirt, letting the chips land where they may!" to the old guy :)

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I'm certainly not holding my breath for any sort of positive outcome. The Ivies are a nepotistic cesspool.

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The “Coalition for a Diverse Harvard” got 5 of 7 endorsed candidates elected to the Board of Overseers.

Bacow certainly didn’t resign over any moderate backlash against the rapid lurch to the left. If politics played a role, it was the opposite

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