Thanks for reporting on this.

Two thoughts:

1: I was at GMU econ and never heard anything negative like this about Dan Houser, despite having many female friends that worked for him in the experimental department. If it was an open secret, it was a really tiny group it was open with. I want to see some specific allegations before I believe anything substantial happened.

2: Interesting about IHS being woke. I was active with them quite a bit up till 2018, and never really saw anything I would classify as woke at the time. A lot of effort to take econ away from being just abstractions and numbers and more humane, but nothing I would point to as woke. I am not saying you are wrong, a lot can change in 4 years, but just saying it would be a change.

I have to wonder if the only answer to these sorts of problems is a fully gendered parallel academic system where only women work with women and only men with men. As far back as 2012 I heard professors saying they never meet female students in their office if they can avoid it, and absolutely never with the door closed, for just this sort of reason. Eventually even having female students or advisees is going to become too risky. That will be a sad state of affairs, but unless something changes I don't really see how we avoid that.

(Strange how it never seems to be male students making these #metoo accusations, whether against female or homosexual male professors... That seems odd.)

Anyway, keep up the good work, Chris!

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Oct 31, 2022Liked by Christopher Brunet

Thanks for reporting on this particular weaponization of the #metoo movement.

As one of your female supporters, I, too, call on women to publicly stand up against this faux, anti-male feminism. We have got to make it clear many, if not most, of us are opposed to unsubstantiated smear campaigns and the farcical lack of due process. These accusatory narcissists are not pro-woman, they are anti-people.

Keep it up, Chris Brunet.

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Nov 1, 2022Liked by Christopher Brunet

It reminds one of the standards when the accusations towards Justice Kavanaugh predictably surfaced; Kavanaugh was dragged through the mud on the world-stage with his family watching. The birth of the MeToo movement was upon us and every feminist I knew became a "guilty until proven innocent" monster with no critical thinking skills. These allegations also ruined chances to teach law for Justice Kavanaugh, because progressive students felt unsafe with him as their prof.

Two years later, Tara Reade comes forward with alleged abuse at the hands of Joe Biden, and the people that "believed all women" left Tara high and dry, many saying "I believe you, but we can't go against Joe Biden. We can't let Trump win again!" But, here we are again with this seemingly petulant witch hunt from a powerful influencer, maybe abusing her power because the current climate dictates that, men, it seems, are "guilty until proven innocent".

Scary times.

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