You are doing God's work, sir, shining the light of Truth on this web of criminal corruption in the highest of places. May God protect you and bless your work!

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So it turns out dragging us off in chains and scattering us to the four corners and claiming we killed God wasn't such a smart idea after all? Go figure.

With that out of the way--glad to receive this sign of life and may you continue in good health, amen!

Some of your points I've also already observed myself, including the sacrificial NYT article; whole lotta misdirection going on.

And now for a perspective you kids wouldn't've noticed; it may be a useful part of the picture.

It's not in the least uncommon that extremely smart capable parents produce various grades of idiot children who survive and somewhat thrive only because of the connections and pressures of their parents. First thing I noticed about SBF was that lisp. Thirty-year-olds speaking like toddlers is always not a good sign and if they got billions in their little sweaty fists...

I think he may not have known a thousandth of who was really pulling the strings. Lots of facilitating propping him up, and he was just moron-enough to think he was a clever clever boy fulfulling his born destiny in elite hangouts. The CIA/Mossad boys have been known to make some spectacular mistakes but I don't think they really would have wanted this wonderkind to know very much about anything that he really didn't need to know.

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The physiognomy and psychology of the characters in this charade are all too predictable: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-lose-214-million-in-one-year

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Any academic who gets criticized by you in the future will only have to link to this article to show just how over the top you are. Research that consists of finding crackpot Twitter sites as proof of your suspicions will automatically tarnish any past or future work you do. I strongly urge you to delete this post ASAP.

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Delete, lol.

While speculation is rampant and it may take a while for the truth to shake out, I think the author's definitely on to something here. Obviously some really shady shit has been going down.

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That is a gamble he seems to have thought through. Mossad/pedophilia/CIA is definitely on the speculative side but the names and positions of relatives etc. seem reasonably verifiable. The NYT puffery raises legitimate suspicions. If some reasonable amount of the speculations are established as facts then Karlstack will soar like a rocket and academics will stay as far away from this as they can.

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"I now don’t see any road forward that does not end in a central bank digital currency within the next couple of years."

Sooner than that, they're already floating a "digital programmable dollar". I predict it will be received about as well as Nigeria's CBDC.

I'm also of the opinion that FTX was imploded by an *outside force*.

Before you get all ZMOG HE'S A Q-TARD on me (although... Who knows.?), there's currently a war going on between competing elite factions.

This is historically the reason for change in governments (per Neena Parvini's "The Populist Delusion", highly recommend). One big elite defection is described in detail by Tom Luongo here: https://tomluongo.me/2022/10/06/31-trillion-dollar-question-can-fed-afford-pivot/ Turns out that some of the elite have figured out if you depopulate the planet and force global Communism it's going to be really difficult to get your yacht serviced and crewed, so they aren't down with Anal Shwab's "Great Reset".

On top of this, Anal Shwab's masters have managed to damage, sterilize, or kill the most compliant in the population with the ClotShot(tm). The ones that are left are the suspicious anti-authoritarian-stiff-necked "I'll fight ya for it" types, who will pass on any genetic or cultural tendencies of this temperament to their children (whoopsie). In addition, this will increase deflation, which just makes the collapse of their Babylonian Money Magic(tm) machine that more disorderly, which doesn't help them a bit.

Many moving parts in this hilarious shit-show. At least the entertainment value offsets the creeping dread, and provides motivation to get our houses in order.

I have a Substack, anybody who read this far should sub to it, I'll be providing some analysis & possible solutions to our collective problems soon.

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Crazy, insane puzzle and sadly it is believable. Great job!

I think the speed up — “The timeline has accelerated.” — will hopefully wake ppl up.

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Seemed like your Jewish friend was calling you anti-Semitic for pointing out the vast majority of these people belong to a certain tribe that shall not be named.

I’m so over the anti-Semitic charge. No different than all the other charges that get thrown at us. Oh well . If they wanna use it so be it

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Crypto is already a Ponzi by default. So FTX is trading ponzis with leverage , really what could go wrong?

As for democrats and figureheads, they are just idiots that bought into the hype and ponzi. Nobody had the mind to even comprehend what FTX was doing on a daily basis. I can't.

SBF also is well connected (family, friends) and these kind of people promote each other constantly. Typical oligarchy but its more with a "lets collect fees for sitting at some boards/events/look good" mind than a conspiracy.

dont get too high on the conspiracies. Our elected officials can't figure inflation, oil prices, the nasdaq bubble, and you think they understand trading black boxes on cryptos? NO

People are more limited than you think.

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Yeah, nobody's going back to sleep, try again.

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Yes I live in Spain and Im French but the US government is paying me in secret to hide the fact that FTX was in fact a democrats conspiracy to rig the elections. you got me!

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You're adorable

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Im also Rich , Soros is paying me to hide the truth about FTX

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Who is the third from the last character here?


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