Considering the sex scandals, how many iterations were required before you didn't end the sentence "her most powerful position prior to being elected prime minister was" with a euphemism of one sort or another?

I think any editor would have given up on me :D

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Meloni would stop immigration if she could. The problem is the EU. As you pointed out, on the one hand there are the generous lifelines handed to Italy by the EU, not just the "recovery fund" but indirect support via the EZB which keeps interest rates low for Italian government bonds. On the other hand Italy owes more than 400 billion Euros to the EZB - which exceeds Italy's ability to pay and prevents it from ever leaving the Euro-zone or the EU. The EU has become a totalitarian / authoritarian cancer for all its members and citizens, basically forcing unlimited migration on each one of them, among other negatives. So Meloni being a politician does not want to crash the Italian economy, which would happen if she decided to be hard-line against migration. But even if she would risk economic collapse (which she would not survive very long as a politician, remember how often Italian governments change?), how exactly would stopping this type of migration look like? I would welcome any serious suggestions, I truly don't know. Even Great Britain, which is not in the EU anymore, has great difficulties stopping migration, and they are trying.

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She was picked for the same reasons the Finnish girl was, and the NZ nutter, Jacinda Ardern.

Girl power is really just a scam to help other girls "career" off the rails. Anyone could have done Thatcher's job with the right script too.

I remember watching Draghi sit like a great freakish lizard, driving everyone berserk when it occurred that Draghi means 'Dragons'.

If anyone knows anything about myth, who slays the dragon?

George! Giorgia had to come next; Giorgia slays the Dragon. Then I guess she wanders off and gets embroiled in a sex scandal idk.

The Vatican determines what happens next. This guy has some interesting ideas.


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LGBT empire eh? Did TAC reach out to Jennifer Bilek for that? If not they should get in touch with her (she's here on Substack). She has anatomised *who paid* to create the LGBT empire (in a deeper sense) - the dark money behind it. I haven't read TAC since Rod Dreher left but I will check out your article.

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Insane. Well done mate.

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