Great update on many fronts! As a paying subscriber please don’t feel pressure to mass produce. I love your subjects, thinking, analysis and writing. I’m totally satisfied with my subscription and look forward to reading when you’re ready to publish.

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Congrats on the milestone, enjoy your remaining time in Mexico, and as for the writing, just keep doing what you're doing! Creative work is hard to do on a regular timetable -- the Muse seems to keep her own schedule -- but you seem to do a great job being consistently good!

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Don't sweat it man - February is a shit month. Even if you are hiding in Mexico from the savage weather that has afflicted us up here the last few weeks.

Personally, I'd be interested in hearing about Mexico. Been thinking of taking off myself for a bit.

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Glad to support you. You are doing something important. Go for quality, not quantity. Act in your best interest.

Best wishes with the move. Heading back to Seattle in two weeks in a similar state of holding, but not accountable to anyone about it.

Looking forward to light mode!

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Well see, I was so pleased with myself, getting (or helping to get) eugyppius to abandon that dreadful dark mode, and I turn around and you changed to it yourself. Why, I asked myself, why...

Warmest congratulations on the growth of Karlstack. It's a wonderful read. I myself don't think it's necessary to torture yourself about the speed of output. I read you because you do such interesting and I think meaningful work, and that's not factory production. It takes care and research.

I think it's great that mainstream publications are interested in having you write for them. It's not selling out. They see your worth and potential, and want to get in early so they can boast (rightfully) in having spotted your star rising. I'm gonna keep taking my vitamins so I can say, 20 years or so down the road, that I noticed that kid when he was just getting started and I was smart enough to recognize his talent. And look where he is now!

And--paying bills, having an emergency fund, building a nest egg--that's common sense. That's normal. That's prudence and wise planning.

And I been musing, myself, on where you ought to head next, or establish a somewhat stable perch, and somehow it struck me that maybe Croatia might be a nice place to look into. Beautiful coastline, lots of places to visit eastward and westward and northward, a place where you might not stick out as much as you do in Mexico, and a sort of complementary cultural perspective. I've never been there; have no connection to the place in any way, so it's either a crazy idea you should burn as soon as reading, or a genius stroke of intuition. You'll let us know either way.

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Congrats...you are doing great work and should be proud of your accomplishments...thank you from Team Humanity...... 😘

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Great job: look forward to 10M views update

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Congratulations! And thanks for the support for so long.

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Quality > Quantity!

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A few random thoughts from someone who consumes way too much media

- Write anyways, what’s the old saying cray first draft

- You don’t need to post daily but if you go too long you’ll lose subscribers

- Light posts are fine (this post being a great example)

- Focus on quality (same advice I give every new substacker)

- Guest posts – not everyone does this but it’s a great way to get “free content”. This is the way The Line CA went.

To build your subscriber base you need a mix of free and paid with more free at first.

- Encourage people to support you.

To be honest an old school guy I'm blown away at how well Substack writers have done

Good luck

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Don’t even paywall stuff,

Chris . Let the articles get traction

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How do you see cumulative article views?

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How does one view cumulative article views? Don't see that in settings.

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I am going through a burnout period, so I can relate. 1 million is an incredible milestone. (I wish I reached even a fraction of that with my Tech news stuff).

Excited to see another Canadian grow. Where are you going after Mexico? I am in Taiwan and it's already getting brutally hot. I might have to invest in a better AC set-up.

But taking it slow can also give you more ideas on different things like how you want to build out the publication more and other tricks on growing it.

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