"I’ve covered dozens of academic scandals"....

Most of your poor poorly written rants aren't about "scandals", but rather about fabricated allegations that never go anywhere. You must have a pretty low self-esteem if you need to pat yourself on the back in public for this low-lQ crapflood of yours.

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The stephen Karolyi and Andrew Bird one is resolved. Their case was in court by university and they were able to prove what happened. you can search for it online too. their response article points out almost 7 papers that successfully have replicated their paper.

I read the other ones, your write ups are interesting but for a second imagine how you are putting pain on these people's life by spreading some falsely.

one improvement could be have links to the claims that you have, this helps you to validate your article, and help readers to trust your article.

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The Raffael Robb story and the Schliefer story take contradictory positions about whether personal crimes should affect academic careers. This is jarring and combined with you language gives an impression of seeking controversy. But in general your work is interesting and engaging. You do make debugging statistics fun.

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