"If Canada were a Chinese province, it would rank sixteenth in population...."

Wait I thought Canada was a Chinese province.

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The Aztecs' model program for managing meteorological events didn't work so great, and perhaps our leaders feel that removing the actual blood-letting aspects of it will do the magic trick.

We do fail to teach our children well. Might be time to create a comprehensive timeline of human attempts to tame the implacable forces of nature, with an analysis of how well they worked.

And my now frequently-reiterated reminder: We ain't modern. We're just now. We can't fix the biggest things no better than anyone who came before us. We can just nibble at the edges, and the edges keep shifting their boundaries.

Anyway--good piece, Chris. Always happy to see your publication credits increase.

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What can we do about the eau’d’Turd that seeps across the Canadian border? Carbon is nothing compared to that noxious stink.

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'His proposed solution would include “introducing tariffs for countries that apply no carbon tax or one that is lesser than Canada’s.”"

So food gets even more expensive, in the context of grocery bills already spiralling out of control. Great idea.

"He criticized the current government for burdening “smaller businesses and family-owned farms” with the cost of climate adaptation and said the Greens would instead favor “a government-backed transition plan that injects significant resources into helping our communities and small to medium size companies to enter the green economy in a way that doesn’t hurt working families throughout the country.”'

Ah yes, so to repair the economic devastation caused by the carbon tax, they'll appropriate even more money from the productive economy in order to redistribute it, thus ensuring the economic damage is even larger, but more evenly spread.

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i am dropping out of this discussion. no more replies.

no government funded research at this point but i have research to do.

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I like The Factual. It presents various viewpoints. It

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I like The Factual. It presents different views of events.

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Climate change is indeed a global problem. No one individual, no small country, can have a big impact in reducing pollution. So you propose, we do nothing?

What do you propose?

It would be great if you had a really good idea about how to alleviate the problem.

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