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Can you imagine what soul sucking despair you would be feeling if you chose the PhD path and you had to look on and even participate in this terminal decline of academia? I feel for those anons...

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“ The 45-year olds in this poll will probably feel old being lumped in with 60-year olds, but the poll has a maximum of 5 options, so I constructed the brackets as best I can.”

There’s old, then there’s wisdom. 63 here. Clicked the 4th choice, but just had to comment…

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You ought really to grandmother me in to the paywalled stuff. I must surely be your most devoted admirer not from any academic field, which means I can't understand most of this stuff but find it thrilling anyway. But never mind. I'll read what I can with great enthusiasm and cannot fault your marketing plan.

I do hope, in the tradition of many before you, that you'll start a little side hobby of writing mysteries--one of my favorite reading genres--because you've undeniably got the knack of making readers want to follow you wherever the trail leads. Claiming rights to have a mention in the dedication page in your first book.

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can you email me your email? chrisbrunet@protonmail.com

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Done. You lovely boy, you.

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"Another possible reason to fuge the code/data is… ideological?"

typo: fuge -> fudge


"The whole field of academic finance just kind of… silly."

there should be an "is" in there I think

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RE: #6 and being emotionally attached.

Well it’s because your pissed people are getting away with making your field look clownish.

Same damn thing in my profession of financial planning. So desperate to sound “sciency” and be taken serious as a hard science we create silly stuff like “evidence-based investing”, modern portfolio theory “ “efficient frontier “ “safe withdrawal rates”. It’s so frickin stupid

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