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BREAKING: FBI Arrests Mango Markets Exploiter Following Karlstack Investigation

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Fabricated Data Goes Unpunished at Florida State University

Four of the Latest Academic Scandals

BREAKING: Harvard Taps Gay as Next President

The Largest Bug Bounty in Crypto History

A Legislative Onslaught Against Freedom

Checkmark Cognitive Dissonance

New York Fed Launches CBDC Pilot Program

The State of Karlstack

FTX as a Controlled Demolition

The American Economic Journal Goes Woke

Making Peace With Never Doing a PhD

Economics' #MeToo Moment: A Witch Hunt Just in Time for Halloween

A Bluff Gets Called at Edinburgh Business School

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Document Proves Dean of Harvard's Faculty of Arts and Sciences Swept Fabricated Data Under the Rug


EXCLUSIVE: The Man Who May Have Milked $100+ Million from Mango Markets

Ryan Enos Waves His Hands

Send Noah Smith to the Donbas


The Cost of Plagiarism & P-Hacking

Postcard From Yucatán Peninsula ☀️

Keeping Tabs on the Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation Shuts Down Fellowship Program

The Death Throes of the Canadian Green Party

Carl Icahn's Redemption Arc

All My Earthly Possessions Fit Into These 2 Bags

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This Princeton Economics Professor Doesn't Know Basic Math

Boycott the American Economic Association

Western University Hit With Lawsuit!

This Job Posting is Racist and Illegal

Western University Goes Full Retard

The State of Karlstack

Discrimination is Now Legal at Ontario Universities

Journal of Finance Withdraws Article Following Karlstack Investigation

Kalshi Murders PredictIt

The State of Pronouns in Academia

Maryland Congressional Race Reveals Glimpse into GOP Slime Machine

Probe Launched Into Harvard Professor Following Karlstack Investigation

Uber Bribes French Economics Professors

Canada's Retarded New Plan to Emulate Sri Lanka

The State of PPMP: Month 1 (+10.3%)

Leak me documents please

The American Political Science Review Goes Woke

Is it Moral to Gamble on War?

Marco Di Maggio: Putting the BS in HBS

Where Should I Move?

Credential Fraud By The Co-Creator of the Dudley-Sahm Rule?

The Conservative Party of Canada Jumps the Shark

Update on Fabricated Accounting Data

This is how honest scholars respond

Shuo Chen & Yiming Cao: The Men Who Made History

AutoAdmit is Now Banned... EJMR Will Be Next

Cease and Desist Deez Nuts

Princeton Plagiarism


BREAKING: The President of Harvard Just Resigned

Ryan, I’ve known you for over a decade.

Update on AJPS / Harvard Corruption

Another Stinker at the Journal of Finance

EXCLUSIVE: Chimpanzee Showdown in Missouri

Press Release: PPMP Announces First Tranche of Initial Token Offering

An Open Plea For One Single Honest Academic

His Name Was Seth Smith

How the Australian Regime is Weaponizing Credentialism to Crackdown on Free Speech & Independent Journalism on Behalf of Vested Interests

The Canadian General Captured (?) by Russia

Fleeing the Trudeau Regime

Lisa Cook is Successfully Confirmed To Fed Board

2 Scandals at the Journal of Financial Economics

A Bluff Gets Called at Singapore Management University

The State of Karlstack

Lisa Cook Suffers Serious Setback in Senate

The Slime Machine Targeting Libs of Tik Tok

The Curious Case of Claudine Gay

Chad Topaz Booted From the Williams College Math Department

Senator Calls For Investigation Into Lisa Cook

Anatomy of an Alleged DAO Scam

The Top 10 Scandals in Academic Economics That You've Never Heard Of

Fabricated Data Swept Under the Rug at Chicago Booth

EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Cook's Tenure Packet

Plagiarism at Yale School of Management

Pressure Mounts on Harvard Professor to Come Clean Over Fraudulent Data

Why Is Jesse Singal Whitewashing Harvard's Corruption?

Woke Mathematicians Are Putting Their Enemies On A Surveillance List

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Report Shows Harvard Professor Fabricated Data

Farewell to Karlstack

The Economics Profession is Systemically Racist and Sexist

Frauds in the Duke, Boston, and Stanford Economics Departments