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Inside The Plagiarism Scandal Roiling Harvard

for me, this was personal

ACKMAN: Claudine Gay has been asked to resign

These scholars asked Claudine Gay for her data. She said no.

Georgetown professor stripped of tenure following Karlstack investigation

John McWhorter is an American hero

EXCLUSIVE: Statement on Claudine Gay from Vernon Smith, Winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics

Harvard is the Bud Light of academia

BREAKING: US Congress launches plagiarism probe!

Breaking: Fresh Allegations of Plagiarism Unearthed in Official Academic Complaint Against Claudine Gay

i'm thinking of doing a PhD, can you help?

EXCLUSIVE: Statement on Claudine Gay from Philip Dybvig, Winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Economics

Harvard's double standard for Gay

my first TV appearance

Giorgia Meloni Falls Short

LEAKED DOCUMENTS: The President of Harvard swept fabricated data under the rug

Tenured Georgetown professor scrubbed from faculty directory following Karlstack investigation

The State of Karlstack: Subscription Drive

My (reuploaded) Stanford seminar

My full lecture at the Stanford University Classical Liberalism Initiative

The Ballad of the Bibby Stockholm

How A Doxxing Scandal Wrecked The 'Trust The Experts' Ethos

Update: Helen Grus Legal Defense Fund raises over $16,000 in 24 hours

Trudeau regime puts Canadian detective on trial for investigating link between infant deaths and mRNA vaccines

Numbers on the Italian Migrant Situation

Florian Ederer: Plagiarist!

Fraud at Georgetown Finance Shakes the Foundation of the Corporate Bond Literature

BREAKING: Mastodon server to be SHUT DOWN following Karlstack investigation

My email to Yale IRB, legal counsel, provost, president, and deans

I discussed suicide on EJMR

How to Expose Academic Fraud - PODCAST

UNPAYWALLED: my latest for The American Conservative

Must watch: Thomas Sowell's first public appearance in 3 years

COVID kabuki ramps back up in America

Florian Ederer: the next Fiona Scott Morton?

28 More Academic Scandals

Pope Francis continues to alienate American traditionalists

Pope Francis continues to alienate American traditionalists

Breaking: Avraham Eisenberg caught with child pornography following Karlstack investigation

It's time for Anya Samek to step up

Fundraiser for Data Colada - important if you value academic free speech

Yale University vows to 'geolocate' most EJMR users [PART 6]

Destroying Canada’s Farms, for What?

Karlstack goes to Stanford

Fatal flaw found in Ederer et al. (2023)

Twitter Poster Railroaded for Free Speech by Biden’s DOJ

EXCLUSIVE: Every economist on Mastodon just had their anonymity compromised by hackers from Yale University 🍿🍿🍿

Rest in Peace, Roxham Road [UNPAYWALLED]

EJMR doxxing watch party, live from NBER, starts in TWO HOURS!

Yale University vows to 'geolocate' most EJMR users [PART 2]

Yale University vows to 'geolocate' most EJMR users [PART 1]

23 More Academic Scandals

Write Wing Roundup #2 -- Twitter space starts in TWO HOURS!

I am hosting a Twitter space in ONE HOUR FROM NOW!

The Economics Profession is Systemically Racist and Sexist (against Asian males)

BREAKING: American Economic Review retracts Princeton economics professor's paper due to "coding error"

BREAKING: HBS professor placed on "administrative leave" following bombshell investigation into fake data

Rest in Peace, Roxham Road

Ottawa's Jussie Smollett Moment

This PhD student at Brown University keeps threatening to murder Matt Walsh

Postcard from Alberta

24 More Academic Scandals

The Taco Truck Delusion [Unpaywalled!]

Update: Woo Network Sheds 30 Million in Market Cap Following Karlstack Reporting

A Warning about WOO X: Withdraw!

Issue #3: Canada Forges Ahead with CBDC While Florida, Texas & North Carolina Ban It

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked admissions data gives glimpse into Harvard's affirmative action practices

Update: Calgary Cop Killer To Be Sentenced as Adult

Bill C-11 Becomes Law of the Land

Issue #2: CBDC is More Dangerous Than AI

Launching This Week in Central Bank Digital Currency

The Taco Truck Delusion

The Crucifixion of Avraham Eisenberg

Canadian Censorship Bill Inches Closer to Reality

8 More Academic Scandals

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Criminology Professor "Abruptly Leaves" Florida State University Following Karlstack Reporting

The Anti-Defamation League Defames Substack

Duplicate Data at the University of Chicago

George Mason University Economics Department Takes a Stand Against the DEI Agenda In Academia

David Card Blackpilled an Entire Generation of Economists [repost]

Karlstack Hits One Million Reads🥳

American Political Science Review Issues "Expression of Concern" Following Karlstack Investigation

Affirmative Action in Jail Sentencing

Six More Academic Scandals

26 Growth Lessons from 26 Substack Writers

The Nick Bostrom Scandal Differentiates Effective Altruism From Rationalism

The End of Academia As We Know It

Exclusive: Fox News Executives Censor Tucker Carlson in Order to Protect Pfizer

The Price Cap On Russian Oil Seems to be Working... For Now

The GOP's Civil War Approaches an Apogee

I Donated My Body to Science Out of Spite

The Federal Reserve Goes Woke 2: Electric Boogaloo

WANTED: Justin Trudeau's DNA

The Future of Karlstack

Exclusive: Evidence ElonJet is a Scammer